With over 750 connected offices across the UK, our new homes network has you covered

Discover the future of new homes sales

Guild New Homes offer the most comprehensive agency service for your new homes, via a fully managed service utilising the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and the human touch.

21st century technology

Our purpose built all-in-one platform incorporates the best in marketing automation, artificial intelligence, global distribution, real-time pricing, availability and reservations with sales progression all accessed via a simple user interface.

 Motivated local experts

We marry an unrivalled blend of a connected, highly motivated, new homes experts with an international network that can serve buyers in their own time zones and in their own language, all supported by our centralised contact centre.

LuciAi® your artificial intelligence powered chief information officer

LuciAi knows everything there is to know about your development and is available via our app 24/7 meaning you always have the stats and facts you need at the tip of your fingertips.

Cutting edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing means you can ask questions and get answers using everyday language backed up with easy to read visualisations.

More sales
Achieve more sales, a better ROI and greater profits. Sales ready leads delivered in real-time means our agents focus on the prospects that are most likely to buy.

Constantly improving
Smart Launch® is constantly learning, making better decisions and identifying hot leads sooner meaning shorter sales cycles and increased sales rates.

Greater profits
Combining machine-learning, sales and marketing automation and highly trained sales teams means you get a shorter sales cycle, more efficient marketing spend and less dealing margin, leading to greater profits.

Smart Launch® our click to close methodology

We optimise the relationship between sales and marketing, closing the gaps in the sales process, so you can rest assured that every opportunity is maximised.

Imagine how many more sales you will make as both you and our agents know whats happening with every contact from the minute they register to the moment they complete.


Companies using automation generate 2X the number of leads than those that don’t*


Companies that optimise the marketing/sales relationship grow revenue 32% faster.*

Sell your development with us

We will make sure you maximise the returns from your development by placing it in front of hundreds of thousands prospective buyers. Simply pop your details in the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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